I hope that you have all had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas break. Thank you all so much for the lovely gifts given to us at the end of term. It was so generous and thoughtful of you all. The staff team were very touched. We hope that you all enjoyed receiving your child’s ‘Christmas Surprises.’

I would like to welcome our new families to Pre-school. I hope that you have a very happy time with us at St. Andrew’s. Tapestry accounts have been created for our January starters and you should have received an email about activating your account. Please do let me know if you have any problems with the accounts and do chat to any of the team if you would like to find out more about how we use Tapestry.

Please note, returning children will probably have a different number on register so that we can slot in our new children in age order. Key Groups will not change.

1. Amanda would like to do her termly check of your Personal Details Forms over the first few weeks. Please make sure that you arrange to see her.
2. Please remember to name your child’s clothing and footwear so that we do not end up with piles of unidentified clothing around the coat rack and in the cloakroom. Please frequently check the large lost property box in the corner of the cloakroom and the benches in the front hall.
3. Look through the coloured boxes for items left behind at the end of the sessions and check your child’s art folder in the front hall for drawings, paintings and some craft items.
4. At home time please remember not to call your child, or beckon to them across the room! If your child runs over to you, please help us by reminding them of the need to stay on the carpet until you take their hand. This is for your child’s safety!

We look forward to sharing photos and information with you from next week when we start our ‘Weekly News’ again! I would like to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year on behalf of the staff team.