The first half term in this academic year has flown by! We are so proud of all the children. It is difficult to remember that our new children have only been with us for a maximum of seven weeks. They all seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and are quickly forming relationships with their peers and our staff team. As you all know, we have made some changes to Pre-school over the last half term, including the introduction of using the ‘Focus Child’ approach with our In The Moment planning.
This form of observation and assessment ensures that all staff get to know all the children. This is in its early stages, but it is working well already.

Thank you to the families who have donated items to us over the last half term. I would particularly like to thank Elite Wheels and Tyres for donating the fabulous car bumper! You will see from the following photos that it was extremely well received by the children and provided an excellent opportunity for imaginative and cooperative play ( Yes, I know it is upside down but it was more sturdy that way up for the children – and as Kayleigh pointed out to me following ITM means that there are no set rules!)

Next half term we would like to start by collecting the following:
A small unbreakable table lamp with a shade – preferably not in working order
A small bookcase/shelf
A small log basket
A small wooden coffee table/nest of tables…………please look out for these items on freecycle etc!

The second half of the Autumn term is always one of our busiest with the preparations and build up to Christmas, including our traditional play and party. Timings and will be added to the weekly news in the next few weeks.

Other dates for the diary are as follows:
Saturday 16th November – Autumn Fair – 2-4 pm.
Tuesday 26th November – January 2020 intake Induction evening – 7.30 pm.
Wednesday 18th December – Christmas play in the afternoon.
Thursday 19th December – Christmas party ONLY – no normal session – details and times to follow.

As I am writing this there is still the remote possibility that there will be a General Election in December. Please note the statement from our Welcome Book – ‘St Andrew’s Pre-school does not issue refunds if it is necessary to close due to circumstances which are beyond our control. For example, extreme weather conditions (snow), polling day, no water or no heating.’

Hilary Coome