I hope that you have all had a lovely half term. The first half term in this academic year has flown by! We are so proud of all the children. It is difficult to remember that all our new children have only been with us for a maximum of five weeks. They all seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and they are quickly forming good relationships with their peers and our staff team. Our children from last year have grown up so much during the summer and they are doing a brilliant job setting good examples to the new children! As you all know, we have made quite a few changes to our sessions over the last half term. These changes really seem to be benefiting all our children.

Please do come and speak to any member of staff, or committee if we can help in any way. Good communication is extremely
important to us.

Over the next seven weeks, we are going to be very busy. It is difficult to believe that we will shortly be starting our Christmas
songs, craft activities and our play! Leading up to and during the Christmas topic, there will be very little to take home each day because we will be making Christmas surprises. We refer to surprises rather than secrets, as it is important that the children know that it is not good to keep secrets; however, surprises for Mummy and Daddy are very exciting!

The children will continue to play in our lovely garden throughout the colder, wetter months. There are often puddles and muddy patches in the playground that are always attractive to the children, so please make sure that your child comes suitably dressed! Please bring waterproof clothing for your child. Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is named. Could I also please remind you not to bring clothing and shoes in carrier bags.

Finally, you will notice some colourful changes to our staff team. We have all received our new uniforms and instead of wearing the same colours we now all have three different coloured polo shirts each. No doubt the children will enjoy studying us daily!

Thank you all! Hilary.